The main components of the engine cooling system are the eat exchangers that guarantee the disposal into the atmosphere of that part of energy which is contained in the fuel and not turned into energy available to move the vehicle.


CONDENSER: Is a heater ecxhanger belonging to the vehicle air conditioning system. It has the funciotn of condensing the coolant in the refrigerating cucle.

COOLING FAN: Is designed for the automotive applications, is positioned behind or in front the radioator. Cars with air conditioning systems use more powerful fans to encrease the flow of air through the radiator and condenser.

HEATER CORE: The cabin heating radiator is actually a small radiator which from a funtional point of view, belongs both to the engine cooling system abd ti the heating system.
  INTERCOOLER: Is a heat echanger which cools the compressed air feeding the engines of cars equipped with turbocompressor.

CABIN BLOWER FAN: Generates the flow of air which is sent through the A/C unit to the cabin to cooling or heat it.



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